20 killed in Tanzania church attack

Nairobi: About 20 people were trampled to death in Tanzania at an open air evangelical Christian church service in the north of the country, said officials on Sunday.
Kippi Wariobi, the district commissioner in the northern town of Moshi said he was afraid the death toll can rise from accident which took place on Saturday afternoon.
Warioba informed AFP “So far, 20 people have died, but the death toll could increase as there was also wounded”.
The misfortune occurred when a mass of worshippers was present at a prayer ceremony led by popular preacher Boniface Mwamposa on Saturday.
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The stampede occurred as Mwamposa, who refer to himself as “apostle” thrown holy oil on the ground and the crowd ran towards it in hope of getting cured from sickness, said a witness.
Jennifer Temu, an eye witnessed said “the Apostle Boniface Mwamposa poured sacred anointing oil on the ground”
“Dozens of people immediately fell being jostled and trampled, and some died. We have counted 20 people killed — but there are also wounded”.
Another witness peter Kilewo said “it was horrible, people trampled on mercilessly, jostling each other with elbows”.
Further on “It was like the preacher had thrown bundles of dollars about… and there were all these deaths!”–Worldwide News

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