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The Worldwide News e-paper is circulated by emails worldwide.

Let us assure you that Worldwide News firmly believes in responsible journalism. We refrain from undue criticism and twisting facts for any kind of motives and just remain focused on issues on merit.

We promote and lend support to all and every political, educational, medical, pharmaceutical, Agriculture. Energy especially renewable energy like solar, energy efficiency etc, industrial and scientific endeavors that can bring about a positive change in alleviating pain, hunger, disease, crime, and miseries from society thus transforming this world to be a happy place.

In the pursuit of our goals, we give special importance to highlighting events and lessons from history that have impacted a nation, a people, a region or a country. We underscore the great deeds of icons of respective nations, personalities, and those whose selfless struggle has risen a nation from the dark shadows of dismay into a developed or fastly developing country nowadays. By this, Worldwide News wishes to cajole the other segments of our world as a whole and the disenfranchised and womenfolk in particular that there is still hope for the better and the examples of those we highlight can be used as a beacon of hope and light in this connection.

The Worldwide News e-paper especially focuses on the history, Special Events, National Days, Independence/Declaration/Freedom/Liberty Days, Constitution/Lawful  Days, Revolution/Uprising Days, Memorial/Commemorative  Days, Movement Days, Victory Days, Birthday of well-known personalities, current political and social issues that pervade our community etc.

Worldwide News invites you to send us messages, write-ups, letters, press releases, photographs of special events, ceremonies, inaugurations, seminars, exhibitions, workshops reports, inside stories, etc. Respected sir/madam we will be more than happy to accommodate your updates on a priority basis in this publication.

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