Accident left Sysco driver, truck hanging over a bridge

A heart-stopping video captures the moment a semi-truck driver was rescued after her vehicle crashed through a bridge guardrail in Kentucky, leaving it hanging precariously over the Ohio River.

The incident occurred as the unidentified driver was crossing the Clark Memorial Bridge northbound around noon on Friday. The Sysco truck shifted lanes and breached the barrier, resulting in the majority of the truck dangling over the bridge, with the cabin parallel to the river below.

In a dramatic rescue operation, firefighter Bryce Carden rappelled down to the dangling cab to pull the woman to safety, as reported by WLKY. Fire Chief Brian O’Neill described the daring rescue as a “once-in-a-career” event and stated that it took approximately 40 minutes to complete.

She held it together amazingly,” O’Neill remarked. “She held it together like a champ, but I will tell you once she hit solid ground, she let those emotions go.”

Carden, the firefighter who executed the rescue, described the driver as “super calm,” noting his own composure stemmed from the assurance of his safety. “She was just praying, she was praying a lot, and I was praying with her,” he added.

Regarding his own experience, Carden, with six years of firefighting under his belt, explained, “At the moment, you don’t think about it, after the debrief, it hits you. At the run, the training takes over.”

The semi’s precarious position raised concerns among firefighters about potential shifts. O’Neill expressed worry that the vehicle could “shift at any moment” as it was pinned between one of the banisters and concrete.

Fortunately, despite being shaken up, the woman was found to be in stable condition. She was transported to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

The crash also involved two other vehicles, both of which sustained significant damage. One victim, in worse condition than the semi driver, was also hospitalized.

As Louisville first responders continue their efforts, the bridge remains closed in both directions. Authorities are currently devising a plan to safely remove the Sysco truck, which still hangs off the bridge.

An investigation into the crash is currently underway.– Web Desk