Biden sounds alarm on democracy threats to Americans

In his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden urgently called attention to the global and domestic threats facing democracy. Speaking from the U.S. Capitol, he implored Congress to support Ukraine against Russia’s unprovoked aggression by providing necessary military aid. Biden underscored the gravity of the moment, likening it to challenges not seen since the American Civil War, and stressed the importance of leadership in the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s expansionist ambitions. He emphasized that while the U.S. supports Ukraine, it does not involve American troops on Ukrainian soil, aiming to maintain peace and uphold the world order through strategic assistance and the strengthening of NATO alliances. Furthermore, Biden addressed efforts to secure a ceasefire in Gaza, announcing plans for a U.S.-led emergency mission to facilitate humanitarian aid delivery via a temporary Mediterranean pier, ensuring no American military boots on the ground. He concluded by urging Israeli cooperation in prioritizing humanitarian aid and saving lives amidst ongoing conflict.–Jim Garamone