‘British police deny raid on pro-Khalistan group office in London’

Scotland Yard has rejected the Indian media reports that it conducted a raid on the West London office of the Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) – the US-based organisation that supports the secession of Punjab from India for the creation of Khalistan.

According to media reports, the Scotland Yard said that India was trying to spread fake news that Pakistan was supporting the Khalistan movement.

The report quoted the police as saying that “we think that Indian agencies have spoken out on the Free Punjab movement and the referendum. By spreading false news, their news agencies are following the policy of the Indian government.”

Perturbed by the ‘Punjab Independence Referendum’ on Khalistan, the Indian government has resorted to cheap tactics, Sikh leaders said while addressing a press conference in London.

The Indian media ran fake news that the office of SFP was raided by the British police.

“Our lawyers contacted the Metropolitan Police and inquired about the fake news of the Indian media, but the police denied the news completely,” Paramjit Singh Puma said.

He added that India could not stop the referendum with such tactics.

It should be noted that false news was also run by the Indian group ANI which is a big group of India.

Sikh leaders said they will take legal action against channels running fake news in the UK.

Last month, thousands of Sikhs from across the UK participated in a referendum for independent Khalistan state organised by the Punjab Referendum Commission (PRC) at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, Westminster.

The PRC, which has been appointed by the SFJ, had announced to hold the non-binding referendum earlier this month. The Commission consisting of “non-aligned direct democracy experts” are assigned with organising and holding the referendum on whether [Indian] Punjab should be independent.

The referendum which started in London also took place in other countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and the region of Indian Punjab, the commission stated.–Online

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