Cameroon- Ruling party sweeps parliamentary polls

The ruling party of Cameroon sweeps in parliamentary elections of 2020 said the electoral body of the country.
The people’s democratic movement won 152 from 180 seats, ahead of the national union for democracy and progress party that carried seven seats, as per official results.
The voter turnout was 43 percent.
The chief opposition party Cameroon renaissance movement refused to participate in elections, as they believed the country is not ready for voting.
The election process is disrupted in the country due to ongoing conflicts among the two-English speaking regions.
In some parts of the trouble hit regions, in 11 constituencies, the constitutional council called the voting process earlier this week.
It said, “The elections in some constituencies failed to meet constitutional requirements”.
The protestors have been destroying the region since 2016, as English-speaking citizens claimed the central government is marginalizing them for decades along with the French-speaking majority.
The activists demand a shift to federalism or the independence English speaking Cameroon.
According to the international crisis group, “The conflict between the government and separatist group from the English-speak minority has killed over 3,000 people and displaced 600,000”.
Nevertheless, the minister of territorial administration denies the existence of a crisis.–Worldwide News

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