Canada announces more troops, money for NATO

By Aqsey Zahra

Brussels, Belgium: Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau wrapped up his successful participation at the two-day NATO Summit in Brussels. During the meeting, he met with close partners and allies, vowed to amplify the support for NATO and defined several other leadership tasks that Canada will undertake as its major partner.
“When it comes to NATO, Canada has always pulled its weight. Our engagement in NATO has only expanded over the years, and with good reason: it reflects Canadian values, and is essential in preserving the rules-based international order. We will continue to step up and work together with our Allies to build a safer, more peaceful world for our citizens and people around the world.” said Trudeau.
To support and strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defense posture, Prime Minister has adopted United States Readiness Initiative among other leaders and announced the return to the NATO Airborne and Warning Control Program.
“We are pleased to make a new commitment to the Airborne Warning and Control System program after the previous government withdrew. This demonstrates Canada’s strong commitment to the Alliance and to peace and security around the world” said Trudeau. Under the program, Canada will be delivering up to 25 personnel within five years.
At the Summit, Prime Minister joined the North Atlantic Council and discussed policy and operational issues with the partner countries and allies while Canadian Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland vowed to improve the lives of girls and women living in Syria and Iraq by contributing $26.7 million.
Canada is the chief contributor to NATO’s Women, Peace and Security Office and will continue supporting the efforts to improve the alliance and upgrade its Women, Peace and Security agenda, says an official statement.
During a visit to Latvia prior to Summit, PM Trudeau assured the extension of Canada’s contribution to NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence under the Operation REASSURANCE. This extension will last for four years and includes the increased number of Canadian Armed Forces from 455 to 540.
Canada will also take the command of a new NATO training and capacity building mission in Baghdad, Iraq for the first year. Official statement termed it as “natural step for long lasting peace and stability”
The country is now a part of European Center for Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats as well and will be joining the Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellence soon.

Canada’s contributions and efforts highlight the country’s devotion towards coalition and global peace building, stability and security.

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