Carr boosts Canadian business ties with Israel

Winnipeg: Canada and Israel have long been connected through a legacy of friendship, mutually beneficial trading relationships and a shared conviction in democracy spanning more than 70 years.
The modernized Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement recently received Royal Assent in Canada. Once in force, the updated agreement will improve access to the Israeli market for Canadian companies by eliminating additional tariffs, increasing transparency in regulatory matters, reducing red tape for business and making it easier for the benefits and opportunities that flow from trade to be more widely shared.
As part of Canada’s commitment to supporting Canadian businesses that export, Jim Carr, minister of international trade diversification was in Winnipeg yesterday to meet with the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, local business champions and members of the Jewish community to highlight how Canada and Israel are creating the right conditions for trade in their innovative, knowledge-based economies, supported by the modernized CIFTA.
While in Winnipeg, Minister Carr participated in a panel discussion on deepening bilateral trade, ways to promote academic exchange and the broader Canadian-Israeli relationship.–PR

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