Cattler appointed as new director of Defense Counterintelligence

Washington, D.C. – In a significant appointment within the U.S. Department of Defense, David M. Cattler has been named the next director of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA), with his tenure set to commence on March 24, 2024. This strategic selection positions Mr. Cattler at the helm of a crucial entity in the nation’s defense architecture, entrusted with safeguarding America’s technological and intelligence advantages.

Mr. Cattler’s appointment comes after a comprehensive search for a candidate with a deep understanding of intelligence, counterintelligence, and national security operations. With an illustrious career that spans various high-level positions within the intelligence community, military, and NATO, Mr. Cattler is primed to lead the DCSA. His past roles include significant stints as an intelligence enterprise mission manager at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and leadership positions that cut across organizational lines, demonstrating his adeptness at navigating complex security landscapes.

His expertise is not just limited to intelligence gathering and analysis; Mr. Cattler has a robust background in intelligence collection management at the national, joint, and service levels. Moreover, his advisory roles have seen him counsel the President of the United States, various civilian agencies, the Department of Defense, military leaders, and operational forces on critical intelligence and security matters. This wealth of experience, garnered from his time at the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Joint Staff, the National Security Council, and his naval career, underscores his comprehensive understanding of the challenges and responsibilities awaiting him at DCSA.

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency is a linchpin in the United States’ national security and defense strategy. Its multifaceted mission encompasses industrial security, counterintelligence support, personnel vetting, and security training—elements vital for maintaining the integrity of the federal and industrial workforce and ensuring the unimpeded delivery of critical capabilities to the nation and its allies.

David M. Cattler steps into the role previously held by Acting Director Daniel Lecce, who assumed the position in September 2023. Mr. Lecce will resume his duties as Deputy Director following Mr. Cattler’s inauguration as the director. The transition marks a new chapter for DCSA, with Mr. Cattler’s leadership expected to further the agency’s commitment to national security and the protection of America’s strategic interests.