CBP intercept prohibited Mangos in Laredo

Laredo, Texas, a significant operation by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) led to the discovery of almost 500 pounds of mango and other banned agriculture products at the Juarez-Lincoln bridge. The seizure was part of a comprehensive effort to prevent the entry of potentially harmful agricultural goods into the United States.

On March 26, 2024, during a meticulous inspection at the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge, CBP officers directed a Chevrolet Colorado, attached to a utility trailer and driven by a U.S. citizen arriving from Mexico, to undergo a detailed secondary check. The inspection revealed a variety of prohibited items, including 220 kg of mangoes, coconuts, cashew fruit, nance fruit, sweet potatoes, and pork products, concealed within boxes and coolers.

Albert Flores, Port Director at the Laredo Port of Entry, emphasized the critical role of CBP agriculture specialists in safeguarding the U.S. food supply against pests and diseases that could jeopardize agricultural integrity. The offender faced a $1,000 fine for the undeclared commercial amount of mangoes and other banned items.

This incident underscores the vigilance of CBP agriculture specialists and officers in enforcing USDA quarantines and their commitment to protecting U.S. agriculture from external threats.–News Desk