Chechen blogger brutally murdered in France

French police are probing the kill of a Chechen blogger, who was speaking in opposition of the president Ramzan Kadyrov, in Lille’s hotel room.
The sufferer identified as Imran Aliev, according to a reporter, managed a YouTube channel to criticize the Chechen regime supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Aliev 44, according to French officials, “suffered a violent death”.
A source close to media reporter told investigators that Aliev knew his murderer.
According to the source, last Wednesday, two people checked in to the hotel room. On Thursday, the manager found Aliev’s body as he went to check on the guests about 11 a.m.
A man hunt started to find the Chechen man who is 35 year age, and according to police the number one suspect, while the second man had disappeared.
According to the sources, a knife was found at the crime scene which is sent for forensic analysis to the laboratory.
Political motives are being suspected by police.
No arrests have been made as police launches murder investigation.
Several Chechen residents are slaughtered in Europe in recent years, and it is the latest happening.
A Chechen journalist, Musa Tajpov from France suspected Moscow to be responsible for his friend Aliev’s murder in a Facebook post.
Last week, he wrote on a Facebook post “I strongly suspect Russia, in through its special services, extremely interested in the conflict, in the civil strife between the peoples of the Caucasus”.
The reporter contacted Kremlin to comment on the incident but got no response to publish.
Aliev left four children living in Belgium; Tajpove stated they had been in “constant contact on WhatsApp with him”.
Aliev was famous for his “harsh and offensive remarks” said Mansur Sudalaev, the chairman of the Chechen human rights association from Sweden. He was a strong critic of Chechen government. Sudalaev also pointed out Moscow for killing Aliev and believed “He was killed as a warning to others, thus trying to intimidate everyone who criticizes ‘Russian protégé’ in Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov”.
Kadyrov is an ex-militant famous for his viciousness and for his adherence to Russian president Putin.
Sudalaev said, “Opponents of the Russian regime and supporters of the independence of the Chechen Republic, especially those who express themselves openly, are in constant danger both in the EU and in any other country”.
Sadulaev declared “Among the many murders and murder attempts on opponents of the Russian regime there is the recent assassination of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in Berlin”.
The Chechen protestor was killed in August, in Verlin as he was on his way to midday prayer at a close-by mosque.
Khangoshvili fought the second Chechen war against the Russian federal forces along with fellow Chechen rebels. Within hours a suspect with Russian passport arrested.
The case is still in progress, as the suspect won’t talk, Kremlin negates involvement, and Germany says “no” to blame Moscow without ultimate proof.–Worldwide News

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