Corona monitoring US Intel shows concern over India’s vulnerability

The US spy agencies keep track of coronavirus spread, show concerns for India. The US intelligence is watching the global extent of coronavirus and the capacity of the governments to deal with the virus said related sources while issued warning how India would contain the widespread epidemic.
However, only a few cases have been reported in India, it would be an alarming situation for India if coronavirus outbreak spread in the region as the country’s existing countermeasures and potential to cope with the virus is questionable.
The US agencies are also observing Iran, where the deadly epidemic has infected higher government officials as well. the secretary of state Mike Pompeo said: “the United States was ‘deeply concerned’ Tehran may have covered up details about the spread of coronavirus”.
A US government source remarked Iran’s response to the virus is considered to be hopeless as the government is not equipped to deal with the virus outbreak.
The US agencies have alarmed about the weak ability of developed countries to respond to a virus outbreak.
Another source said US agencies were also concerned about the weak ability of governments in some developing countries to respond to an outbreak. The briefing from spy agencies was presented to the US House of representatives.
An official of the house intelligence told the news agency “The Committee has received a briefing from the IC (intelligence community) on coronavirus, and continues to receive updates on the outbreak daily”.
“Addressing the threat has both national security and economic dimensions, requiring a concerted government-wide effort and the IC is playing an important role in monitoring the spread of the outbreak, and the worldwide response”, the official added.
A member of the Senate intelligence committee headed by republican senator Richard burr and democratic senator Mark Warner said the panel was presented with updates daily.
The US agencies are playing their role to curb the coronavirus spread currently is to monitor the extent of the virus across the globe and evaluating the response of governments.
They are collaborating with health agencies, like the US centers for disease control and prevention, and sharing valuable information obtained through intelligence services. A source held “US agencies would use a wide range of intelligence tools, ranging from undercover informants to electronic eavesdropping tools, to track the virus’ impact”.–Worldwide News

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