Coronavirus claims 3,000 deaths in China

Beijing—The death rate from the noel coronavirus in China reached 2,983, as per the Chinese national health commission.
The commission reported 38 more deaths from the outbreak while officials confirm 199 new cases. The confirmation of new cases leads to an increase in the total number of sufferers to 80,270.
Mostly, cases are reported in Wuhan of Hubei province, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus.
As of, more than 36,432 people are seeking medical care in hospitals while 49,586 patients have been discharged after being cured.
The coronavirus, officially termed as COVID-19, has extended to more than 30 countries including the UK, US, Singapore, France, Russia, and India.
The world health organization has already declared a state of global health emergency concerns that the virus is heading towards higher alert as the global risk is “very high”.–Worldwide News

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