COVID-19 cases rise as political crisis heats up in Brazil

Gravediggers wearing protective suits carry the coffin of a person who died from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) during a ceremony with no relatives, at Vila Formosa cemetery, Brazil's biggest cemetery, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 22, 2020

BOGOTA, Colombia- WHO- World Health Organization on Friday said that South America has turned the epicenter of the noval coronavirus pandemic as Brazil reported the most cases from the virus.

Currently, the country is badly going through a worst experience of its political crises as it experiences a health emergency.

On Friday, a Brazilian judge from Supreme Court presided over to release a video in which to avoid President Jair Bolsonaro’s son being investigated, he does much to become involved as a subject in investigation with a law enforcement.

Sergio Moro who is the former Justice Minister declared himself resigned previous month and accused Bolsonaro on interference with police investigations, showed evidence where meeting footage between Bolsonaro and members of his Cabinet from an April 22 were the major part of the evidence which Bolsonaro to protect national interests made tall requests for to make the parts of the video private. However, Moro refused to do so and he further wants it released in its entirety.

Celso de Mello who is the judge, commanded prosecutor to make a decision whether Bolsonaro should testify and order him to hand over his personal cellphone including his son Carlos, who is part of the investigation.

“The request made asking President to surrender his cell phone is quite “inconceivable” and, if this were to happen, it would be ‘an affront to the highest authority’ and ‘an inadmissible interference’, which could even have such aftermaths for national stability which could not be able to be reasonably anticipated or expected ,’” he said.

Moreover, investigation causing Bolsonaro impeached, because of his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, comes as his popularity dips. Sadly, the pandemic has killed 20,000 people in Brazil which recently is the third most effected country having 310,000 reported cases of infection.

On Thursday, despite the governors and mayors imposed provisions throughout the country, Bolsonaro made several of calls to ease lockdown measures.

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