Cuban accused of terrorism is imprisoned in Colombia​

Colombian police believe Cuban citizen was in the process of being indoctrinated and radicalized
BOGOTÁ (AA) – A Colombian judge ordered the imprisonment of Cuban citizen Raúl Gutiérrez Sánchez in La Modelo prison in Bogotá, for allegedly planning to attack an area of bars in the city where American citizens usually travel.
“Raúl Gutiérrez Sánchez tried to attack American citizens, in places that has a lot of influx, and not much vigilance and without cameras that could identify him,” the Prosecutor said in a court hearing.
The Colombian National Police reported that Gutiérrez, 45, was immersed in a process of indoctrination and radicalization. The authorities indicated that he was captured for crimes related to “terrorism”.
Colombian local media reported that the investigation leading to the arrest of Gutiérrez was made by Colombian police authorities in conjunction with Spain and the U.S.
Spanish and U.S. authorities followed up on his movements and communications in various countries around the world, the media said.
His location was detected through the interception of Internet servers from where, as indicated in Colombia, Gutiérrez communicated with his terrorist allies in other countries of the world.
The Colombian press reported that the interceptions indicate that he did not know exactly how to carry out the attack.
*Maria Paula Triviño contributed to this report.

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