Daesh/ISIS official reportedly killed in eastern Syria

BAGHDAD- Government of Iraq made an public announcement on Tuesday about the death of ISIS/Daesh leader who was reported dead in an airstrike in eastern Syria.

The leader of the Daesh known as ISIS Moataz Numan Abdel Nayef Najm al-Jabouri was killed in an airstrike in eastern Syria’s Deir ez-Zour province, claimed the statement which was released by the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service.

It was statistically reported that the US-led international faction cried out the airstrike with the help of precise intelligence information which Iraq provided. However, the victim was reported responsible for planning and conducting external terrorist operations on which he had a long-term doing and he was the the associate leader of the terrorist group [Daesh] ISIS for provinces affairs.

The statement calling information further acknowledged ‘Al-Jabouri was known as ‘the governor of Iraq.’

On the other hand, Baghdad in late 2017 declared the undying absence of the ISIS/Daesh and announced that Baghdad is no longer experiencing the presence of Daesh.

It’s reported that there is the presence of Daesh rural areas of Anbar, Kirkuk, Mosul, Saladin and Diyala. The military of Iraq however carries out operations countrywide.

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