Department of Defense announced $133M for N95 masks

Worldwide News: Mike Andrews announced that Department of Defense will invest 133 million dollars to increase U.S domestic N95 mask production by over $39 dollars over the next 90 days.
$76 dollars are given to three companies; O&M Halyward Company is awarded with 29 million dollars, while Honeywell Company is awarded with 27.4 million dollars. This amount is given to fulfill the basic needs of people, and will also expand meltblown material production in the Sheboygan Falls, Aberdeen and Neb Plants.
O&M Holyward Company is increasing its units within 6 months with 25 million dollars by which over 12.5 million people can get N95 masks, and other units will be completed within 12 vs. 18 months. O&M will expand their production line by five N95 machines their at Del Rio, Texas facility, while also expanding meltblown material production at Lexington, N.C. facility.
Honeywell is also increasing its units within 6 months with an additional 12 million units per month after. Honeywell will accelerate production scale-up, including capital equipment, at the Smithfield, R.I. plant. They will also accelerate a 2nd production line at the Phoenix, Ariz. plant to provide additional domestic capacity for long-term needs.

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