Deploying energy goals and facing up the California Duck (curve)

The San Diego convention center was crowded with attendees for the opening ceremony on Tuesday morning. The event director Wes Doane commenced the event by presenting new energy nexus to the speakers including the chair of the California energy commission David Hochschild, and solar energy pioneer, Danny Kennedy. Hochschild believed California’s journey related to 100 percent renewable energy by 2025 as an example for many other countries who aim to establish renewable energy standards in the past few years. Hochschild declared, 30 percent of the population in the united state is living in a region that is dedicated to 100 percent renewable energy. He referred to the renewable energy as mainstream advancement by saying “We’re at the beginning of the end of the Coal Era”.
In the next stage, Danny Kennedy took the discussion to the next stage while discussing the importance of international innovation to facilitate the shift to clean energy, presenting case studies from new energy nexus’s efforts instigating innovation and speeding up energy startups all over the world. In the end, Kennedy asked the #isna attendants to look for opportunities to sustain innovation and to monitor lithium, as it will be “The future of transport”.
Conference sessions: state-level trends in solar use, the interconnectedness of the energy landscape and the outcome of the duck curve in the storage space.

Kennedy and hochschild set the pace for the event, which includes more than 100 presenters who will relate their approach on the foremost trends and cutting-edge innovations that will form the solar+storage+e-mobility industry for 2020 and extended period of time.
The main idea of exhibition- revealed in Hochschild important speech and in subsequent sessions all over the day- is the decisive role states can play in the energy shift. With nominal facilitation from the federation, state-level regulations and mandates are guiding the implementation of renewable technologies and innovations. Orators at “State Level PV Marketing Development across the US” debated the impacts of city and state hold up to sustain advancement in solar department and techniques to ensure undeserved communities have equal opportunities.
Other than renewable energy usage tendencies, many firms are already thinking about tactics to make simpler the interaction among solar, storage and e-mobility, while electric vehicles progressively penetrating the grid. The conference “Charging Infrastructure and Business Models for Vehicle Fleets” call attention to importance of solar in fulfilling increasing grid demand from improved EV consumption and panelists in the “Role of Non-Wires Solutions in DERs” session explained the impact of software in management of grid.

Celebrating “boots on the roof” in the industry
Following insightful sessions, attendants had got an opportunity get familiarize with the solar+ storage shift operational during #isna2020’s primary solar game, a competition of live installation.
Sullivan solar, sunkey energy, and sol-up USA tackled two rounds of the contest to develop a residential solar + storage system on two rooftops-leading to the classic rock choice, AC/DC. Carter Levin from California and storage association and Rudy Saporite from the institute for building technology and safety gave details on the team’s installation procedure.
While the stadium was designed on the expo floor, attendants occupied bleachers to watch the teams installing rackings, modules, and the Tesla powerwall. In typical sports event style, the hosts of the contest were provided with t-shirts and games-branded sunglasses. By following the standards of accuracy and safety, Sullivan solar won the first round of the contest. In the next round, sol-up challenged sunkey energy, and completed the installations 75 minutes before, and got selected for the final round of the contest.
The champion of solar games contest will be declared following the third and final round on Wednesday.
Tuesday night party
Attendees gathered for bites and brews in the sails pavilion to celebrate the successful first night of the #isna2020 after-party to join with colleagues, meet new people, and explain the conference and latest technologies that shaped the event on the first day. The celebrations continued all over the street of San Diego from convention center to iconic Gas lamp district, while connections and deals continued in the city’s best fare.
Coming up
 After the first day of #isna2020, attendants are looking forward to the following events Wednesday 5th Feb, 2020:
 The north America’s first ever solar games championship, live solar+ storage installation completion, with exciting results as one team takes the championship title and a prize worth 5,000 dollars with themselves, in the 1st round of solar games at 2:00 p.m. in the solar games stadium
 A thoughtful session on environmental responsibility and industry growth designed and established by PV magazine and delivered in innovation and Application Theater at 10:15 am.
 “Solar + Energy Storage + e-Mobility: Betting on the New Energy Trifecta” speech by head of solar at wood Mackenzie Ravi Manghani in the energy storage theater at 12:30 PM
 Craft beer and local wine in the happy hours of the #isna2020 show floor at 4 pm.
 Solar comedy slam- a comic comedy competition including funniest colleagues at the whisky girl in the gaslamp district at 8.00 pm. Entry on tickets.–Worldwide News

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