DHS announces $10M TVTP grants

America is suffering from terrorism, in order to finish target violence and terrorism.

Washington: Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is providing 10 million dollars to help and protect local communities from terrorism. Homeland security is encouraging the countries who can give funds to halt global terrorism.

Congress contributed 10 million dollars under Fiscal year 2020 to inhibit Terrorism nationwide.
Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf said, “Attacks by domestic terrorists, those inspired by foreign terrorist organizations, and acts committed by violent individuals with no clear ideological motivation have occurred in communities across America with tragic outcomes”.

These funds can bear positive changes in local communities because people have jobs to do and countries have high security level. It is the only department which is working for this purpose.

The Target Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program funds will help in nation-building and can grow local communities. DHS is keeping an eye on cyber crime. Now President has requested twenty million dollars to stop Target Violence and Terrorism Protection.
On May 29,2020 the application procedure will come to an end. Since the procedure is long and time-taking, therefore, applicants are advised to complete the multi-stepped process in sufficient time.–Worldwide News

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