Donald trump’s middle east plan is doomed to fail, says Iran

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei expected that Donald Trump would outlast the US president’s notorious plan for Middle East peace.
Khamenei said “This plan will certainly not work and it will die before Trump” while in a gathering to remember the Islamic revolution by Iran in February 1979 which overthrown Iran’s US sup[ported shah.
In a speech broadcasted on state television, Khamenei said, “The Americans negotiated with the Zionists on something that doesn’t belong to them”.
He stated “We believe the Palestinian militant organizations will rise up and carry on the resistance” and “considers it its duty to support Palestinian groups”.
Ali Akbar Velayti is Khameinei’s advisor on foreign policy, has rejected the Middle East peace plan by Trump on January 28 as an attempt to “sell and dismantle Muslim lands”.
The Middle East peace plan unveiled by Donald Trump, standing beside Israeli premier Netanyahu, is considered as the overwhelming support of Israel. The peace plan has been dismissed by the Palestinians, organization of Islamic cooperation and Arab league.
It gives Israel full control over the disputed territory, Jerusalem, and gives power and authority to the key parts of the occupied west to Israel.–Worldwide News

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