Egypt may resort to UN to stop Ethiopia filling dam, says ministry

Egyptian Prime Minister

The announcement declared by the country’s foreign minister yesterday claimed that for the prevention of Ethiopia from taking a “unilateral step” on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), there might be resort to the United Nations Security Council from Egypt.

According to the statement given to the reporters by Sameh Shoukry reads, “Egypt has adhered to the approach of negotiating with the Ethiopian side and exercised sincere intentions to reach an equitable agreement for the two parties,” adding that Addis Ababa has been seen “intransigent and evaded the negotiation”.

In his statements Shoukry indicated through his talks that his country’s current negotiations with Sudan and Ethiopia had not produced and experienced to yield “positive results”.

In the bid of Ethiopia, the dam is considered the centerpiece to be the biggest power exporter of Africa. On the other hand, it has sparked deep concerns as well in Cairo that Egypt’s not plentiful supplies of Nile waters, more than 100 million people is thoroughly dependent, would face and experience a great further restriction.

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