EU calls all parties in Libya to cease fire

A call to all parties in the conflict in Libya was made by the European Union aimed to finish all military operations on immediate basis and create a culture of peace and calmness.

According to a statement which Germany’s foreign minister including France’s and Italy’s published yesterday claimed that Josep Borrell; the foreign policy chief of EU, asked all parties to the Libya conflict to show solidarity with the statement of creating peace culture by agreeing immediately on a ceasefire and withdraw all foreign forces mercenaries and military equipment.

However, Merkel who is the Germany Chancellor had a discussion with Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi; the president of Egypt, focusing on country’s situations and circumstances on Monday, according to the report of Reuters.

Merkel further said to Al-Sisi that United Nations-backed negotiations have got to be considered the major purpose of the creatiLibya. peace process in Libya.

While, a statement was also released by UAE’s Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan expressing the interest of Emirates in order to culminate the battle ruining Libya and its peace. He further also expressed accolades on Egyptian initiative to put in place a ceasefire is a shining beacon of hope to achieve that goal

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