EU calls extraordinary meeting on Idlib next week

Ankara—The EU foreign policy chief called for an unusual summit of the EU foreign affairs concerning the latest development in northwestern Syria.
Josep Borrell said, “The ‘renewed fighting’ in and around Idlib, a de-escalation zone, just across Turkey’s southern border, represents a “serious threat” to international peace and security”.
Borrell told “the fighting causes an ‘untold human suffering’ among the population, as well as having a “grave impact” on the region and beyond”
He added, “I am therefore calling for an extraordinary meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council next week to discuss the unfolding situation, in particular at the request of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece”.
He emphasized that the European Union has to “redouble efforts” to tackle the “terrible human crisis”.
Borrell told he had been communicating with the main actors in the last few days saying he called for “immediate de-escalation and for a lasting cease-fire”.
“The extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council next week will be an opportunity to focus on the latest developments and to continue our joint work on all fronts. We need to ensure that our collective action has the highest possible impact if we want to effectively address the crisis and to contribute to paving the way for a political solution”, he maintained.
Borrell asserted that the only solution to the crisis is by political means.
He said, “Everybody, especially the Syrian regime, needs to urgently re-engage in a political process under the auspices of the United Nations”.
The leading European Union official highlighted the urgency to “continue mobilizing resources” to mitigate the suffering of civilians and providing them with food, shelter, and medicine. The official insisted upon meeting the needs of residents living in remote areas.
He kept on saying the EU must play itas part to de-escalate the Syrian conflict. Borrell maintained, “The EU – Turkey Statement needs to be upheld. The EU is engaged in supporting Greece and Bulgaria in addressing the unfolding situation”.
Thousands of refugees in Turkey’s northwestern border migrated to Greek islands by crossing the Meric River using boats, or by swimming. The refugees were resisted by the Greek security forces, which opened fires to curb them from entering their territory.
Feb 27, 34 Turkish soldiers were killed and several others injured in an airstrike by the Assad regime in Idlib.
The Turkish forces retaliated which further escalated the humanitarian crisis.–Worldwide News

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