Europeans demand justice for rohingya following closed door meeting of UNSC

Myanmar must take legal action against these responsible for slaughtering minority Muslim Rohingya and endorse decisions by international judges, said European diplomats on Tuesday in New York.
After a closed door meeting of the UNSC, Estonia’s ambassador Sven Jurgenson said the ruling of the international court of justice must be followed, while talking to reporters.
Jurgenson said, “We urge Myanmar to comply with the provisional measures indicated by the ICJ which we recall are compulsory under international law and to take credible action to bring to justice those responsible for human rights violations”.
Jurgenson insisted Myanmar to “facilitate a voluntary safe dignified and sustainable return of the Rohingya to Myanmar” while reading a declaration on behalf of the European Union members council.
Myanmar must “address the root causes of its conflicts in Rakhine state” adding “the western region where widespread abuses against Rohingya were documented, as well as in Kachin and Shan states”.
The diplomat added “Accountability of perpetrators of human rights and humanitarian law violations is a necessary part of this process” as he was accompanied by the UN ambassadors of France, Germany, Belgium and Poland.
Last month, “provisional measures” were imposed on Myanmar to instruct the administration of Aung San Suu Kyi to follow the standards and prevent the mass killing and violence against Rohingya Muslims.
The case was brought to ICJ as 700,000 Muslims fled from Myanmar with horrible tales of rape, arson and mass killings by security forces.
Decisions by the ICJ are binding, but the court by no means can enforce the rulings.
Myanmar carries on its military campaign and claims to tackle the extremist threat by the campaign in Rakhine state.–Worldwide News

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