France hits highest terror alert after Moscow concert massacre

In response to a devastating terrorist assault at a concert hall in Moscow, which resulted in the tragic loss of at least 137 lives, France has escalated its terror alert to the highest level. The decision came after a defense and national security meeting, led by President Emmanuel Macron, as announced by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal. The escalation to “attack emergency” status under France’s Vigipirate security system was prompted by the Daesh/ISIS group’s claim of responsibility and heightened threats against France.

The assault, occurring in a suburb of Moscow at Crocus City Hall during a performance by the rock band Picnic, saw gunmen firing on attendees and a subsequent fire outbreak. Russia’s federal investigative authority has confirmed a death toll of 137, including children, and ongoing efforts to identify all victims. Over 500 ammunition rounds and several firearms were discovered at the scene.

Russia’s Health Ministry reports 180 hospitalizations, with a significant number still receiving care. In the aftermath, President Vladimir Putin has designated March 24 as a national day of mourning. Eleven arrests have been made in connection with the attack, with four individuals directly involved, according to Russia’s Federal Security Service.–Web Desk