German bank suspends Jewish group’s account, seeks member details

Berliner Sparkasse abruptly froze the account of Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East, a Jewish anti-Zionist organization, this Wednesday, citing the need for updated customer information. Along with the freeze, the bank demanded a list of the association’s members and their addresses by April 5, a move that has raised concerns about privacy and the bank’s intentions.

The association criticized the bank’s action as lacking justification and compared the demand for member details to tactics used by intelligence or police forces under political motives. It recalled a similar incident in 2019 when its account was closed due to pressure from the Central Council of Jews in Germany, interpreting these actions as part of increasing political persecution related to its stance on Israel’s policies in the West Bank and Gaza.

This recent financial blockade coincides with the organization’s preparation for the “Palestine Congress” scheduled from April 12-14 in Berlin, an event aimed at highlighting Israel’s military actions in Gaza and examining Germany’s involvement. The association suspects the account’s suspension is an attempt to disrupt the congress, funded by ticket sales and donations.

Undeterred by these financial obstacles, the association vows to continue its advocacy against what it sees as genocide, rooted in Jewish values. It also plans to challenge the bank’s decision legally, asserting such actions are incompatible with democratic values. This stance follows a history of protesting against Israeli military operations in Gaza, demonstrating the group’s commitment to its cause despite facing financial and political pressures.–Web Desk