German nurse arrested for poisoning babies

Germany, a nurse has been arrested for suspects of poisoning five premature babies with morphine, as reported by police on Thursday, further on the infants had endured.
Wednesday, the woman was taken into detention after a syringe was found contaminated with traces of morphine in breast milk. The investigators found syringes in her storeroom at southern Germany ulm university hospital.
Suddenly, Breathing problems developed in babies ranging from age one day to one month old in the same hospital room on the beginning of 20th December, “at almost the same time” as reported by Bernhard Weber chief of Ulm police.
He reported in a press conference “Only because of the immediate action taken by the staff could the five lives be saved”.
There are no chances of any lasting harm in infants. The young nurse is in under arrest and is not formally charged however, face allegations of attempting five slaughters, says Christophe Lehr, Ulm prosecutor in the press conference.
Nurse, paramedics, and doctors are waiting for approving new payments
He added “She denies poisoning the babies”.
Initially, infants were suspected for an infection by hospital staff, Weber said “but this could be ruled out after urine tests”. The traces of morphine were found in the tests- even though two of the newborns were not prescribed as part of their care heavy analgesics.
The police was notified by hospital, then.
Lehr said, “filled with breast milk” when lockers of employees doing shift in the time of the occurrence. Testing re[ports “confirmed the terrible suspicion that the syringe contained morphine”.
Arrest warrant of the woman suspected for “attempted manslaughter” were issued who owned the locker.
She acted with criminal intent as believed by prosecutors and “accepted that the babies could die” says Lehr.–Worldwide

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