Hanau: Amid far-right threats, Germany tightened the security

Berlin – security around mosques will be intensified around mosques and migrant organizations in Germany, owing to a terrorist attack in Hanau, based on racism, the interior minister Horst Seehofer stated.
Seehofer said “What happened in Hanau was a racism motivated terror attack”, while holding a press conference in Berlin. He informed the news reporters that far-right fanatics is a harsh reality and severely threatening the democracy in Germany.
As racist extremism is rising steadily, this is posing a threat to the stability of the region and the police will be force will be greater than before to protect the major public events. The buildings like mosques and migrant organizations will be protected as the authorities will be taking more precautionary measures to ensure foolproof security.
In the western town of Hanau, a 43-year-old far-right extremist showed belligerence by attacking two shisha cafes at the night. Nine people were killed, with six other injured and wounding holding a migration background.
The perpetrator, identified by the authorities as Tobias R. is believed to have a racist background as depicted by his manifesto on the internet.
In the racist assail, about 5 people killed had a Turkish nationality.
So far, it is the third major terrorist attack committed by the far-right racist in Germany in the last few months.
Police destroyed a far-right terror compartment last week and detained 12 people suspected to have planned for the mosque attack as an effort to inflame the situation like a civil war in the region.
In recent years, Germany has been facing up Islamophobia and racism, enraged by the hype of neo-nazi groups and the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.
Behind France, Germany has the second-largest Muslim population in Western Europe. Most 4.7 million people are Muslims wherein 3 million having Turkish backgrounds.–Worldwide News

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