Hasina, Karzai join criticism of Indian Citizenship Law

Bangladesh and Afghanistan have opposed India’s controversial law — the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) — which cites the two together with Pakistan as the three neighbours that discriminate against non-Muslim minorities.
Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai told The Hindu that the law which excludes Muslims and woos Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Christians and Parsis from the three countries for citizenship rights should be extended to everyone equally.
“We don’t have persecuted minorities in Afghanistan… the whole country is persecuted. We have been in war and conflict for a long time. All religions in Afghanistan — Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs — which are our three main religions, have suffered,” Mr Karzai said.
Mr Karzai’s comments, differing from New Delhi’s view are significant, given that he has been seen as a strong friend of India. Like many Afghan leaders, Mr Karzai has also lived in India for several years beginning in 1976, and has studied in Shimla.
Earlier, Hamid Karzai said that Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) is an internal matter of India.
Karzai added, “India is the greatest friend of Afghanistan. India has been a tremendous contributor to Afghanistan, but the impact that Pakistan can make in Afghanistan, is a lot greater than any other country.”
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, seen as a key regional ally of India’s rightwing Hindu revivalist government, criticized the new law in an interview with Dubai’s Gulf News, saying the new law was not necessary.–DT

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