Hezbollah Conducts Drone Strike on Israeli Military Facilities in Syria’s Golan Heights

Hezbollah announced on Monday that it launched a drone strike against an Israeli military facility in Syria’s Golan Heights, currently under Israeli control.

The attack involved four drones targeting the Kilaa military barracks, located 15 kilometers from the Lebanese frontier. Additionally, Hezbollah claimed to have hit the Jall Al-Alam site near the Lebanese border using “appropriate weapons,” achieving direct hits.

The Israeli military has yet to respond to these claims.

In a related incident, Hezbollah reported the death of one of its members during cross-border confrontations with Israeli forces.

Lebanon’s National News Agency also covered reports of Israeli artillery bombardment and airstrikes targeting the border towns of El-Hamames and Jibbain, though details on casualties or damage have not been provided.

This surge in hostilities marks a significant increase in tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border, featuring the most severe clashes since the two entities engaged in a full-scale conflict in 2006.

The recent flare-up coincides with an Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip, initiated in response to an attack by Hamas on October 7, 2023, which has resulted in over 31,000 casualties. Since the outbreak of hostilities in October, approximately 300 people have been reported killed in Lebanon, including 240 Hezbollah members, with nearly 20 Israelis dead according to Israeli sources.–Web Desk