History marks beginning of new era as India welcomes US president

In the world’s largest cricket stadium, millions of people were gathered to welcome the US president carrying the Indian and American flags, and wearing white head with a caption “Namaste trump”.
As the fervent hosts awaiting the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US president Trump, the popular singers entertained them. The crowd was dancing and applauding in the midday.
Some of the participants were more zealous to see their Prime Minister Narendra Modi as compared to the American guest.
Abhishek Parihar, a university student learned about the event during his tutorial class and grabbed the opportunity to see his prime minister.
He said, “I am very excited to see Modi”. When asked about his excitement to see Mr.Trump he reacted “Yes, him also”. He maintained that Donald Trump is a “very nice person and he was a successful businessman. And he is the best friend of Modi”.
Shivang Chaurasia is a worker in private equity in NewYork, was attending the event by chance as he came to visit her family in Ahmedabad. He said, “I am a big fan of both of them” while referring to Donald Trump and Narendra Modi. His father nodded while standing beside him, said, “This one we have to attend. It’s a big deal”.
An attendee Vinod Patel took his son and niece to the event, he is the owner of decoration business and garnished Trump’s route through the city. He created representations of Mohandas Gandhi with patches and embellishments. A giant gate over the celebration event was designed. Vinod completed all these decorations within 10 days. He said, “When work is given by Modi, there is no tiredness”.
The visitors held they came to the festival for sheer coverage of the event. Ashutosh Gupta said
“He is the president of the United States — that’s sufficient” while referring to the thought of Trump being a US president in a demurred manner.–Worldwide News

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