Human Rights in India under attack

The Indian security forces raided Amnesty International office based in New Dehli and froze its account since the organization was showcasing the barbaric demonstrations of India.
The personals of security powers struck the workplace; with the hidden of examining the money of the organization, however with no earlier notice, subsequently, the government froze all the accounts of Amnesty India: which is a “clear violation of fair trial guarantees” Amnesty Team quoted.
It was not the first assault of its sort. On October 25, 2018, Amnesty India experienced a ten-hour-long strike which was led by an Enforcement Directorate (ED), a monetary examination organization under the Ministry of Finance. A portion of the staff of the association was ordered to not leave, shut their laptops and not use their mobile phones. Earlier, in 2016, Amnesty India shut downed its offices all over in India due to security concerns which arose from an event in Banglore where the Amnesty gave a platform to Kashmir secessionists which raged the Bahartia Jannat Party (BJP) members, the then and currently ruling party.
The Government drove by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India is urgently attempting to squash human rights work in India. Not only the Amnesty has been targeted, the accounts of another NGO, Greenpeace India has also been frozen.
According to the outcomes, both the organizations have terminated most of their workers. Momentarily, both the Amnesty India and Greenpeace India are battling to continue their work in India. Because of which, the continuous work for upholding people’s right has been influenced harshly.
“This amounts to a reduction in Amnesty India’s workforce by over 30%.” Amnesty India urged.
It is noteworthy that Amnesty is a non-government organization which is working for human rights world-widely. It claimed to have an excess of 7 million individuals around the globe.
The Amnesty India has continually revealed insight into the dim parts of the Indian government, from the slaughter of Kashmiri individuals to murdering their minority (Muslims) in the name of cow protection, and from women’s rights to oppressed associations/individuals of India. In a report under the point of “India 2017/2018,” The Amnesty has revealed.
It added, “Religious minority groups, particularly Muslims faced increasing demonetization by hardliner Hindu groups, pro-government media, and some state officials. Adivasi communities continued to be displaced by industrial projects, and hate crimes against Dalits remained widespread. Authorities were openly critical of human rights defenders and organizations, contributing to a climate of hostility against them. Mob violence intensified, including by vigilante cow protection groups. Press freedom and free speech in universities came under attack. India failed to respect its human rights commitments made before the UN Human Rights Council.”
In India, the crackdown against the left-wing is going in its peak. On June, 6 activists were arrested who are celebrated for being human rights safeguards of the nation.–DT

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