I like to stay as PM says Rishi Sunak

The UK general election will take place in the second half of this year, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Thursday.

“My working assumption is we’ll have a general election in the second half of this year and in the meantime, I’ve got lots that I want to get on with,” he said during a visit to Nottinghamshire.

Sunak addressed speculations surrounding a potential May election, reiterating his commitment to economic stability and tax reduction while pushing back on the idea of an early election. Senior Labour figures had previously predicted a May election, but Sunak asserted his intention to wait until the second part of the year.

“I want to keep going, managing the economy well and cutting people’s taxes,” Sunak said. “I’ve got lots to get on with, and I’m determined to keep delivering for the British people.”

“But I also want to keep tackling illegal migration. Last year, we got the numbers down by a third. And now we need to get our Rwanda scheme through Parliament up and running. So we have a full deterrent,” he added.

“And that’s how we’re going to really solve this problem once and for all. So I’ve got lots to get on with. I’m determined to keep delivering for the British people and it’s been great to be talking to people here in the East Midlands,” Sunak concluded.

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