Indian Navy thwarts piracy, saves Iranian vessel with Pakistani crew

In a successful anti-piracy operation, the Indian Navy rescued an Iranian fishing boat, the Al-Kambar, and its 23 Pakistani crew members in the Arabian Sea. The operation came in response to a distress call about a piracy attack on Thursday night, prompting the immediate diversion of two Indian naval ships towards the vessel.

Reportedly boarded by nine armed pirates, the navy embarked on over 12 hours of intense tactical maneuvers, ultimately leading to the pirates’ surrender early Friday. The navy is currently conducting comprehensive checks on the Al-Kambar to ensure its seaworthiness and safety, aiming to return it to normal fishing operations.

This rescue is part of a series of actions by the Indian Navy to counter hijacking and piracy attempts in the maritime regions of the Red Sea and Arabian Sea, where it has increased its presence as a deterrent force.–News Desk