Indigenous people go on strike, blocked key Vancouver intersections

Protesters backing up Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs in their clash over a contentious gas pipeline in northern B.C. go on the rampage on Tuesday once again.
Around 200 assembled at the intersection of Cambie Street and Broadway at 2 p.m., barricading entire traffic on the two access routes.
The Police assured their precedence was public security and the event carried on in a peaceful mode, however, accredited the manifestation-which was happening from Vancouver general hospital about three blocks-was lifting disquietudes related to emergency services.
By Tuesday evening, police resort to motorcycles which were primarily diverting traffic, to guard ambulances to the hospital.
About 300 protesters continued overcrowding the Cambie Street and Broadway intersection at about 11:30 p.m. later in the Tuesday evening.
Agitators, who refused the tag “protester” and portray themselves as water and land defenders, brought signs, hammered drums, and sang the warrior song by the women.
Dissidents say they are appearing on stage in solidarity with Wet’suwet first nation members who go against the coastal gas link pipeline and whatever they deem as a breach of indigenous privileges and sovereignty.
“This is about self determination, Indigenous rights, titles and sovereignty”, says Dakota Bear, Saskatchewan’s indigenous idle no more organizer.
“The RCMP want them to leave, to where? They want them to go home, they are home. So it’s very confusing when people are calling them protesters when the reality is they’re only defending the land and the waters, and they have the right to do so under Canadian law and Indigenous law”
Vancouver police say it has been acting in peacekeeping capacity and keep tabs on related to the situation.
VPD Sgt.Aaron Roed said in an email “The VPD prepare for and police hundreds of events, protests, and demonstrations that occur in the city every year”.
“Public safety is always our priority when it comes to preparation and police resources for these events including the safety of protesters and our officers”.
Translinks has diverted quite a lot of bus routes, yet presages that the fuss was causing postponement on the 99, 15 and 17 routes of more than 70 minutes.
The protest eventuated while the indigenous youngsters and their followers crowded the BC legislature in a proffer to disturb Tuesday’s address from the authority.
That protest strained the annulment of the morning lawmaking assembly and a press conference by BC Prime Minister John Horgan, still unsuccessful to wreck the throne address.
Later in the Tuesday evening, dissenters were playing up their own accord, taking out coverings, and vacating the legislature’s front steps and picking up signs.
Tuesday’s demonstration by dozens of protesters and the paralyzing of the country prompt the Supreme Court to order clearing up of path for pipeline construction workers.–Worldwide News

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