Indonesia calls for Saudi decision on Hajj

On Tuesday, in order to make a decision of resumption of macca
to allow the the annual Islamic pilgrimage, Indonesia called for Saudi Arabia. The decision was made to happen after the coronavirus pandemic plunged the ritual into doubt.

All across the world, over 2.8 million faithful traveled to Saudi Arabia last year who had strong intentions of attending “Hajj” where performing at least once in life is must for every Muslim.

During the pandemic outbreak, Saudi Arabia made an announcement for Muslims in order to temporarily defer preparations of attending year-round Umrah pilgrimage which was suspended in March.

It is estimated that at the end of July, this following year’s Haj is about to take place, on which Saudi authorities have yet to acknowledge.

Indonesia’s religious affairs ministry said that before the holy month of Ramadan ends, a decision should be made regarding this.

“We hope the official decision on whether Haj will go ahead or be cancelled will be announced soon,” ministry spokesman Oman Fathurahman said on Tuesday.

Fathurahman further said that Indonesia has delayed confirming house, transportation and other contracts with Saudi travel authorities. He on the other hand said Indonesia where approximately 231,000 of citizens were registered to take part in this year’s pilgrimage, is the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation.

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