Indonesian plane crashes in Papua province : Only one 12 year old boy survives out of all 9

Indonesian plane travelling from Jayapura to Oksibil crashed into a mountain in Papua province.

AKARTA, Indonesia (AA) – An Indonesian aircraft crash took the lives of eight people, local media reported Sunday.
The debris of Dimonim Air’s Pilatus Porter aircraft were found in a mountainous area near Oksibil Airport in the Papua province, where it was supposed to arrive, the Antara news agency reported.
The short flight met the accident due to bad weather condiions.
The only survivor was a 12-year-old child who suffers from broken bones. The child is currently undergoing treatment at hospital.
Papua province, a remote region with mountainous terrain, is extremely difficult to navigate. Planes are one of the only ways to get around there. The weather conditions of this region change rapidly, affecting safe airline flights to the province.
Dudi Sudibyo, an aviation analyst, said “I can say that a pilot who is capable of flying there (Papua) will be able to fly an aircraft in any part of the world,”.
Also in 2015, a Trigana Air twin turboprop plane crashed near Oksibil, killing all 54 people on board.

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