Iran continues air strikes on northern Iraq

According to the Kurdish news site Rudaw, Iran ha rained storm of air strikes in northern Iraq for the second day yesterday.

Local sources also claimed to the attack of Turkish unmanned drones at the same time.

An announcement was declared by Turkey’s Defence Ministry which calls the launching an air operation- which it claimed to be the subject of this operation, against suspected Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) position in the Kurdistan territory of Iraq.

United States, EU and Turkey have however classified the PKK is a terrorist group which is reportedly based in the Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq.

On Sunday night, Turkey in order to to make efforts to ensure the security of the Turkish people and the borders of the country to create a culture of peace and kill violation, launched “Operation Claw-Eagle”
This operation was aimed to fight against the PKK and other terrorist groups that have been stepping up attacks against police and military bases in the country

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