Israel and U.S. Collaborate to Neutralize Iranian Missile Attack

Minister Gallant recently updated Secretary Austin on the results of the IDF’s defensive operations, conducted in collaboration with the U.S. and other partners, which successfully intercepted a substantial missile attack from Iran. Iran had launched a variety of munitions, including 100 ballistic missiles loaded with significant explosives.

Minister Gallant commended Secretary Austin for his leadership and the exceptional coordination between their defense forces and international allies. He suggested forming an international coalition to address the security threats posed by Iran, which is advancing its capabilities to equip missiles with nuclear warheads.

Furthermore, Gallant assured that Israel’s defense forces remain vigilant and ready to counter ongoing threats, including the situation in Gaza and efforts to free hostages held by Hamas. He expressed profound gratitude towards Secretary Austin and the U.S. Administration for their staunch support of Israel.–News Desk