Israel defeated in Gaza, even with Rafah entry: Hezbollah Leader

Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah proclaimed Israel’s defeat in the Gaza conflict, stating this outcome remains unchanged even if Israeli forces enter Rafah. During a speech in Ramadan, he criticized the Israeli military’s exhaustion and lack of victories despite six months of conflict. Nasrallah highlighted the resilience of Gaza’s people against Israeli actions and questioned Prime Minister Netanyahu’s strategy, asserting the impossibility of eliminating Hamas or quashing the resistance.

Nasrallah mentioned the Israeli army’s fatigue, high casualty rates, and strategic difficulties, especially highlighted by the limited military resources following engagements near Lebanon. He criticized the U.S. administration’s response to the conflict and labeled American humanitarian aid as insufficient, advocating for a more substantive intervention to halt the aggression.

Emphasizing the unity and negotiating power of Palestinian factions led by Hamas, Nasrallah provided a grim tally of the human cost of the ongoing clashes, underscoring the extensive casualties and damage inflicted on both sides. The conflict, marked by its severity, continues to escalate tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border, reflecting the grave nature of this enduring confrontation.–Web Desk