Israel takes steps to isolate Jordan Valley in preparation for annexation

Israeli settlements are illegal under international law. Photo credit: AFP

According to a Palestine official, several cement blocks have been put by Israeli army on the roads in West Bank village which provides access to the highway which leads to the Jordan Valley.

The road which hosts a way from village to a highway has been blocked with thousands of cement blocks by Israeli army, according to Amin Abu Elia who is the head of Al-Mughayyer village council. The very road heads to the Jordan valley.

However, another road heading to the nearby villages of Kufr Malik, east of Ramallah and Duma, south of the northern West Ban city of Nablus, has also been placed cement blocks in order to restrict the access from one location to another.

The announcement declared by official called tha to the sake of complete shut of the metal gates, it will be set up on the following blocks. It furthermore shows a positive response to prevent access from the West Bank to the Jordan Valley.

It has been confirmed by Abu Elia that for the separation of the Jordan Valley from its West Bank environs, every step has been taken on immediate basis by Israeli army.

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