Israeli Airstrikes Kill 35 in Gaza’s Rafah, Targeting Displaced Persons’ Camp

Early Monday, Israeli airstrikes in the southern Gaza city of Rafah resulted in the deaths of at least 35 people and injured dozens more, targeting a camp for displaced persons and nearby houses. The Gaza Media Office reported that the attack occurred near the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) logistics base in Tal al-Sultan, using missiles and 2,000-pound bombs.

Witnesses reported heavy explosions and ongoing fires. The Gaza civil defense force stated they transported 50 people, including the dead and injured, from the bombed area, which sheltered at least 100,000 displaced individuals. The Palestine Red Crescent Society confirmed that their ambulance crews were moving victims to local medical centers.

A Palestinian paramedic described the scene as horrific, retrieving numerous child victims and fragments of bodies. The Gaza Media Office condemned the attack as a message to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the international community about continued assaults on civilians in Gaza. They reported at least 190 Palestinians killed or injured in the last 24 hours from multiple strikes on shelters.

The Israeli army acknowledged civilian casualties from an attack on a Hamas compound in Rafah, stating the incident is under review. Following the initial raid, additional airstrikes in Rafah killed five more people, bringing the death toll to 35 with dozens injured.

Rafah’s hospitals are overwhelmed, unable to accommodate the victims. The Gaza Health Ministry declared that emergency crews are struggling due to insufficient facilities.

Hamas condemned the attack as a war crime and accused the Israeli military of defying the ICJ’s decision to halt aggression in Rafah. They held the U.S. administration accountable for supporting the offensive.

Palestinian presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh called for urgent intervention to stop the crimes against Palestinians, criticizing U.S. support for Israel as enabling the massacres.

Since Hamas’s cross-border attack on October 7 last year, Israel’s military campaign has killed nearly 36,000 Palestinians in Gaza, devastating the region and leaving many homeless and at risk of famine. This latest attack violates an ICJ ruling ordering Israel to cease its offensive in Rafah.–News Desk