Israeli army conducts weapon testing on animals

Around 1,000 experiments were secretly conducted by the Israeli Defense Ministry during the past three years. (Photo: File)

According to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth, Israeli military held secret testing of hundreds of weapons on animals.

However, Israeli Defense Ministry conducted approximately 1,000 testings on various kinds of animals in the last three years, according to the daily which cited a paper from the “Let the Animals Live” association.

As far documents claimed, the animals in the country are used for the stimulation of a naval incident of the various causalities by Israeli military.

It is said that the military used the pigs animals most due to their functional organs as heart and respiratory system structure resemblance with the humans.

Moreover, according to the daily, some experiments were utilized by the Defense Ministry for the conduction of the test of their body reaction on an attack and the aerosol explosion. While, Israeli military claims the usage of the experiments on the animals as medical researches.

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