Japan raises travel advisory for India and 10 other countries

Japan has added more countries in COVID-19 travel advisory making a total of 11 countries including Argentina, India and South Africa, to Level 3, urging against any trips to the areas during the global coronavirus pandemic, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said Friday.

ANKARA- On Friday, Japan imposed restrictions on travel to and from some countries including India on its travel advisory list considering it a contribution against coronavirus pandemic spread.

Toshimitsu Motegi who is Japan’s Foreign Minister asked nationals from Japan to avoid traveling to these countries as part of measures against the virus, the Tokyo-based Kyodo news agency reported.

After an upcoming National Security Council meeting, Motegi added that the decision of additional countries are likely to be added to a list of nations and regions subject to an entry ban for foreign travelers to Japan.

The other countries are Argentina, South Africa, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Ghana, Guinea, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

100 countries are reported to be imposed travel restrictions including China, US and all of Europe.

Katsunobu Kato who is the health minister of Japan said that country would conduct testing of 10,000 people in Tokyo while making efforts to understand the virus spread, Osaka and the northeastern province of Miyagi starting in early June. However, Japan currently has made over 16,000 coronavirus cases including 777 death cases.

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