Japan reports first death linked to coronavirus

Japan’s local news channel “Kyodo” had reported the death of eighty-year-old Japanese women who had been suspected patient of coronavirus.
Quoting a statement of Japan’s health minister, the channel reported that the deceased had not traveled to China in recent days and went through pneumonia’s treatment before showing symptoms of the fatal disease.
She belonged to the Kangawa province.
Outside mainland China, it’s the third case of coronavirus reported worldwide followed by the Philippines and Thailand.
The virus had claimed 1370 lives in China and so far 250 people of the same virus have been affected in Japan. Most of its affected people are quarantined on a diamond cruise ship aboard near the Yokohama province.
The ship had been hosting 3700 passengers belonging to 56 different countries. It was quarantined after a suspected Hong Kong national showed signs of the virus.
Since its outbreak in Wuhan province of China, the disease had become a global concern and the World Health Organization has declared it a health emergency.–Worldwide News

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