Libya parliament demands probe into mass killings

After the discovery of 100 dead bodies in the city of Tarhuna, the last stronghold of warlord Khalifa Haftar liberated by the Libyan army on June, international community faced questions from Libya’s parliament for the conduction of a probe, Anadolu Agency reports.

There were extreme demands of legal actions to be taken on immediate basis against Haftar and his militias from according to its Defense and National Security Commission’s given statement.

The statement further revealed a call of actions to be taken against injustice and bring murderers to justice, while calling on human rights organisations and the international Criminal Court.

According to the announcement of Libya, it had found out 106 bodies at a Tarhuna’s hospital soon after the city was liberated from Haftar’s forces. The victims including a number of women and children.

However, Operation Peace Storm was launched in the month of March by government on the capital in order to counter attacks and also in currently recaptured strategic area, including Al-Watiya airbase and Tarhuna.

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