Coronavirus- countries prepare as outbreak spreads

As compared to China, the epicenter of the virus, the coronavirus is getting deeper in Europe, the Middle East and other regions of the world. Since the outbreak, china for the first time was surpassed by countries including Iran and South Korea in terms of new cases. South Korea and Iran are the new hotspots for the deadly coronavirus. The epidemic is also detected in Pakistan, Brazil, Norway, Greece, Sweden, Algeria, and Romania for the first time.
In the US, health officials are dealing with 59 cases. Most of the cases are in the evacuees from the diamond princess cruise ship that was isolated in Japan while the US president is composed and striving to lessen the anxiety.
Trump assured the nation while referring to the coronavirus outbreak in the USA. He vowed that the US is “very, very ready” to challenge the threat, moreover, the vice president Mike pence would bleed the national response.
Australia’s Morrison claims “World on brink of coronavirus pandemic”.
The Prime Minister Scott Morrison cautioned saying “There is every sign the world is about to be gripped by a pandemic of coronavirus” while Australia launched precautionary measures to curtail the coronavirus.
In Canberra, Morrison told, “The advice we have received today is…there is every indication that the world will soon enter a pandemic phase of the coronavirus”, as he was addressing the news conference.
He added, “As a result, we have agreed today and initiated the…coronavirus emergency response plan”.
The travel ban on foreigners coming from china would be extended for one more week; nonetheless, calling off mass gathering is not under consideration.
China city announces to reward citizens who report their illness to the officials.
Qianjiang in the Hubei province of China will compensate citizens worth as much as 10,000 Yuans if they report the symptoms of the disease proactively. More than 197 cases have been reported in the city located about 150 KM from the Wuhan province.
With more than 65,000 confirmed cases, about 2,600 deaths have been reported in Hubei.
India withdraws its citizens from Wuhan. A flight carrying 76 Indian citizens from Wuhan reaches India.
Earlier, it dropped medical supply in the epicenter of the outbreak in China.
China investigates release of the coronavirus-infected inmate in Hubei
China has launched investigations ahead of reports that a security unit has released an infected prisoner who managed to arrive in Beijing.
The central political and legal affairs committee of the communist party of china said: “A team led by the Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court and Ministry of Public Security will look into the incident”.
According to media reports, an infected prisoner was released from a women’s prison in Wuhan after completing her prison term. Later, family members took her to Beijing.
The report elicited pandemonium on social media, while people are asking how the woman escaped from the lockdown.
Amid coronavirus concerns, Taiwan raises the security to the highest levels, as per local media. The Central new agency of Taiwan announced the cabinet decision while referring to the periodic cases of community transmission across the island.
Taiwan has recorded 32 cases of the epidemic, with one death. Travel and tourism links with China have already broken to contain the spread of coronavirus.
Coronavirus has been reported for the second time in a woman working for a tour-bus guide in japan. The woman was among the few persons to continue her job amid coronavirus fear.
With the confirmation second case, the number of total cases rose to 186 in Japan from 170 a day before.
The health officials in the US said, “A new coronavirus case in California could be the first in the US with no known connection to travel abroad or another known cause, and a possible sign the virus is spreading in a community within the country”.
No further details are shared by the California officials other than that the person is from Solano county is receiving medical care in Sacramento county.
The mayor of Daegu in South Korea confirms death from coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 13. The statistics were not acknowledged by the KCDC.
More 334 cases have been reported in South Korea, mounting the total to 1,595. The Korean centers for disease control and prevention said the total number of cases rose to 1,595. This is the largest number of cases reported since the confirmation of the first coronavirus patient in South Korea in January.
The KCDC said the church in the southeastern city of Daegu was the epicenter of the outbreak.
Feb 26, china reported 433 new cases with 29 deaths from the coronavirus, reports the national health commission. The number of confirmed cases increased from 406 a day before.
The health authority announced the total number of cases in China have reached 78,497. However, the death rate stood at 29, and this is the lowest death rate since the outbreak emerged.
With 26 deaths, more than 409 cases have reported in Hubei province. The other three casualties have been reported in provinces of Heilongjiang, Henan, and Beijing.
South Korea and the US call off joint exercises owing to coronavirus concerns. The decision to postpone the exercise was made following Seoul’s declaration of highest “severe” alert. The combined forces command asserted the delay was “until further notice”.
The US has more than 28,500 forces in South Korea.
In the US, Trump says the country is “very, very ready” to combat coronavirus, while Vice president Pence will lead the emergency response. Trump said “I don’t think it’s inevitable” while trying to calm the apprehensions.
Earlier, the centers for disease control and prevention warned the country to be prepared for the coronavirus saying, “Our aggressive containment strategy here in the United States has been working and is responsible for the low levels of cases we have so far. However, we do expect more cases”.
Shanghai is looking for people who facilitated the coronavirus to cross from Iran, said the local government. The unidentified patient was diagnosed in Zhongwei. The infected person flees from Iran through Moscow and reached Zhongwei by train.–Worldwide News

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