Lockdown in Italy, Coronavirus sparks fear

Codogno- an Italian town was placed under lockdown owing to a spell of new cases of coronavirus, authorities directed the citizens to stay inside. Streets were deserted ahead of a new flurry of coronavirus cases.
The emergency room in the small town of Codogne read the sign “No entry”, where three individuals have shown signs of the novel coronavirus. A 38-year-old man suffering from the epidemic is on life support now.
With the death of a 78-year old man, Italy became the first European country to report a death from the deadly coronavirus. Adriano Trevisan was admitted to the hospital ten days back for showing symptoms of an unusual infection.
China announces that the trials for the coronavirus vaccine will start later in April.
About two people were tested positive for the coronavirus in the Veneto region, and another case of a 53-year old man was reported overnight, bringing the number of cases to three, Luca Zaia, the president of the Veneto region told the news.
Near, some other 16 people caught the infection and the infected towns were immediately isolated from the rest of the areas.
Three people are in quarantine to get treated for the coronavirus in Rome.
Only a pharmacy and bakery was open at Codogno while the entire town was closed on behalf of a local ordinance.
Every sort of movement was ceased in the city apart from nurses and medical workers who completed their duty.
The three cases confirmed in Codogno include a woman who is eight months pregnant, another man and a 38-year-old man.
The COVID-19 has slain more than 2, 2000 people in china.
In northern Italy, more than 50, 000 people have been directed to remain at home as all public activities including carnival celebrations, church masses, and sports events are called off.
The mayor of Codogno Francisco Passerini said: “locals were ‘extremely worried’ about the spread of the deadly disease”.–Worldwide News

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