Mahathir revives his election campaign

Kuala Lumpur- Ahead of meeting with Pakatan Harapan, Mahathir Mohamad decided to contest for prime minister Election again.
Mahathir claimed he has the majority to form a new government.
He said, “Therefore I am ready to stand as a candidate for prime minister”.
The prime minister candidate must have a minimum of 112 seats from 222 seats to form a government.
The decision would be sent to Malaysia’s king directly, said Mahathir.
The nomination of Mahathir was confirmed by the PH union.
“To sustain the struggle, Pakatan Harapan expressed its full support for Mahathir Mohamad as a prime minister candidate” as stated for the president’s council.
Feb 24, Mahathir resigned as a prime minister.
The Malaysian king accepted Mahathir’s resignation before his appointment as acting prime minister.
The political crisis initiated when Mahathir’s followers decided to support the answer, Ibrahim, as his success forming a new coalition.
Previously, Mahathir assured Anwar that his longtime opponent would succeed him as premier as he formed a coalition ahead of 2018 elections.–Worldwide News

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