Malaysian Prime minister Mahathir resigns amid coalition disputes

An internal coupde’etat to establish a new government coalition led the president Mahathir Mohamad to step down.
The prime minister tendered his resignation to the monarch in the region at 1 pm local time, as stated by the prime minister office.
The two-year coalition on Mahathir’s side has been entangled in a series of battles for the last few weeks looking forward to the resignation of Mahathir Mohammad to his nominated descendent Anwar Ibrahim. Some ruling coalition members including the alliance of hope and Pakatan Harapan assembled on Sunday along with opposition members to ally to refute opportunity to Anwar.
Currently, 11 MPs for the PKR Parti Keadilan Rakyat have also left the party to form an autonomous union. A rival bloc, the departing lawmakers, are working under deputy president of PKR Azmin Ali, who is the minister for economic affairs and housing and local governments.
The expulsion of these lawmakers has affected the simple majority of PH in the parliament, leading to the fall of the current administration.
The resignation shift is assumed to be a tactic, to undo the PH transition agreement that stated to replace Mahathir with Mr. Anwar ahead of the next elections in 2023.
The scuffle between Anwar and Mahathir is the long-running latest saga in the political history of the country.–Worldwide News

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